TRILITY training services provided by operators for operators.

Because of the company’s expertise and experience in the water industry. TRILITY is a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment services in Australia and internationally, with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Their registered training organisation offers a range of nationally recognised qualifications and training programs designed specifically for water industry operators. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including water treatment processes, wastewater treatment, and water quality management.

TRILITY offers Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Certificate courses in Water Industry Operations. 

  • NWP20122 Certificate II in Water Industry Operations 2 core + 9 electives
  • NPW30222 Certificate III in Water Industry Operations 2 core + 9 electives
  • NWP40120 Certificate IV in Water Industry Operations 3 core + 7 electives 
  • NWPTRT007 Monitor and operate liquefied chlorine gas disinfection processes

And specialised (non-NRT) courses in:

  • Chlorine Systems Maintenance Training
  • Monitor and Operate Hypochlorite Disinfection Processes
  • Monitor and Operate Liquefied Chlorine Gas Disinfection Processes:

TRILITY courses are run in a a combination of face-to-face at your facility or ours.

There are no eligibility requirements to join us on your preferred training course.

Our start dates and times will be released shortly if you want to find out when they commence please use our contact form to register your interest.

TRILITY trainers are industry professionals who have working in this industry for many years. To view the details of our trainers please visit our Team page.